New developed Composite MNC Nozzle

2020-06-19 17:41:19

A new developed COMPOSITE MNC NOZZLE, suitable for MNC mechanism pioneered by RHI, was trial-sucessed in our Tundish Nozzle plant.It is a composite nozzle by pressing the outer directly around the inserts,without use of mortar jointing,provides a reliable performance with no risk of steel leakage between inserts and outer block. LONGKETER specializes in steel industry  for many years who supplying a comprehensive range of zirconia productions mainly used in continuous casting of steel billets for many years. The inserts, which was known as LKZN series, is magnesia stabilised & high density, can impart excellent erosion resistance even in the most severe casting environments. Consistent casting speeds are achieved and the products have a high resistance to oxygen lancing. LongKeter is keeping the concept “Make Energy Efficiency Simpler” in mind, constantly enrich its scope of supply, dedicated to provide customers with a full set of Continus casting steel refractories,to the highest quality products and satisfactory service to customers has won wide acclaim.