Refractory Castable

LONG KETER supplying a comprehensive range of castable, include:

A_Conventional Castable

Normal strength castable suitable for general casting, high mechanical and abrasive resistanceExtra strength castable excellent for high mechanical strength
Thermal shock resistance castable (coarse grain castable) high mechanical strength and thermal shock resistance
Light weight castable casting in the areas that need to be protected from heat losses.

B_High Alumina Low Cement Castable

Normal low cement castable high mechanical strength low shringkage abrasive resistance and good thermal shock resistance


Plastic Refractories

LONG KETER supplying a comprehensive range of Plastic Castable

Plastic Castable is phos-bonded, bauxite, mullite or corundum-based refractory. Its unsurpassed resistance to acid and neutral as well as basic slags allows it survive the corrosive environments. The plastic castable does not require forms during insulation where anchors are present except for flat arch constructions usually the binder of plastic castable is liquid aluminium dihydrogen phosphate, the plasticity can be adjusted when you are doing the installation. We can also supply the plastic castable with powder binder , and plastic castable ready for use (packed in cartons )



Refractory Mortar

LONG KETER supplying a comprehensive range of Refractory Mortar

For bonding the individual brick together.Protecting the joins from corrosion by slag and other furnace. Avaiable for use in acid conditions and suitable for light bonding between insulation bricks. High bonding strength with low shrinkage. It combines high refractoriness with smooth working properties. Available in both ready-to-use wet type and dry type.

Used for laying all types of refractory bricks and a layer between brick of any type.



Calcium Aluminate Cement

LONG KETER supplying a comprehensive range of Aluminate Cement

1.Rapid-hardening,high strength.
2.High refractoriness,high-temperature service
3.Good resistance to corrosion,high wear resistance.
4.High thermal shock stability.
5.Low thermal conductivity,low liner shrinkage.
6.Good integrity with furnace lining, easy operation,
7.Allow direct contact of fire, suitable for various atmosphere.