Happy International Labour Day!

Dear custumer,LONGKETER will have International Labour Day Holiday from May 1st to May 5th 2024 and resume normal business hours on May 6th 2024 (Monday).  For urgent matters, please contact your relative sales manager.Happy International Labour Day!

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2024-04-30 17:35:13

Team Building of Sales Team LONG KETER

Confucius said: “the knowledgeable love waters, the benevolent love mountains.” This weekend, sales team Long Keter passed two days in Sanshuiyuan (the birthplace of three rivers: Zi river, Yi river and Wen river), a national scenic spot with amazing mountain view, falls and lakes, to feel the nature and clear the soul. On the road to Sanshuiy...

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2024-04-30 14:56:58

Long Keter has successfully passed Alibaba’s reliable supplier re-certification audits.

Long Keter is proud to announce that it has successfully passed Alibaba’s reliable supplier re-certification audits.On 27th February 2024, the inspector from Intertek has inspected our factory, including the production capacity, production line, production equipment, warehouse, technical supporting team, international trading office and finance dat...

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2024-03-06 09:47:28

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Dear All,We are so grateful to have supports from all of you in the passing year 2023, and be honored to serve you and bring you good experience!We Zibo Long Keter New Materials Co.,Ltd. Wishing you a prosperous, peaceful, and wonderful New Year! May your Christmas be blessed!Looking forward to happy & long term cooperation with you in the new ...

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2023-12-22 16:27:58

Latest status: Long Keter is in exhibition " METAL-EXPO" in Moscow

Long Keter New Materials Co.,Ltd  is attending to exhibition "METAL-EXPO" held in Moscow. Many of our partners and friends visit us at our booth, talked happily and looking frward to new cooperation.  Long Keter New Materials Co.,Ltd. is manufacturer and supplier of various refractory materials & industrial solutions for high tem...

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2023-11-09 16:10:48

Beginning of Winter

Beginning of Winter is one of the 24 solar terms in the traditional Chinese calendar. It marks the beginning of winter and usually falls around November 7th or 8th in the Gregorian calendar. The name Beginning of Winter is can be translated as "Start of Winter."During this time, temperatures continue to drop, and winter officially begins. It's an i...

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2023-11-08 13:48:39

Long Keter is going to attend METAL-EXPO 2023 held in Moscow

Dear Sir or Madam,From  7th Nov. To 10th Nov., Long Keter will attend the “29th International Metal & Foundry Steel Exhibition (METAL-EXPO’2023)” held in Moscow Russia. Long Keter sincerely invite you to visit us at our booth.In this exhibition, we will show the world the complete solutions to high temperature furnaces and kilns for Steel,...

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2023-10-27 11:54:15

Holiday notice

Dear All,We will have holidays from 29th Sep. to 6th Oct., and will be back to work on 7th Oct.Happy Chinese National's Day and Mid-Autumn Day!Zibo Long Keter New Materials Co.,Ltd.

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2023-09-28 11:35:09

New Arrivals: Atomizing nozzle with bore size reach to 2.5 mm

In recent years, with the widespread use of metal powders, the technical requirements for the production and manufacturing of multi-metal powders such as copper powder, stainless steel powder, iron powder, nickel alloy powder, etc. have become increasingly higher.Gas atomization powdering technology is usually used in powder metallurgy production. ...

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2023-09-21 17:32:53

New Arrivals: Microporous insulation board

Microporous insulation board is a new type insulation material made from silica micro powder with diameter tens of Nanometers, special additives and ceramic fiber are also used to result certain physical and chemical reactions of the board. Large quantity nanoscale micropores are included inside the boards, help the microporous board to be excellen...

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2023-08-11 17:23:50

Long Keter’s Fruitful METEC EXHIBITION

During 12th June- 16th June, Long Keter team Participated METEC exhibition in Dusseldorf. It’s prosperous exhibition both for Long Keter and for all related companies all around the world!During the exhibition, many of our old friends visited us, talked about present cooperation and further cooperation in the future. We also met many new friends fr...

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2023-07-12 14:31:32

Welcome to visit us!

Dear Customers,During 12th to 16th June, we will be at the METEC Exhibition in Dusseldorf Germany, stand No. G31-8,Hall 5.Zibo Long Keter New Materials Co.,Ltd. is professional in refractory materials and industrial solutions for high temperature furnaces and kilns.Looking forward to your visit and our communication there! With best regards&nb...

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2023-06-07 08:58:37

We are Long Keter team!

There is also an ancient street called “Non-nights city of Big Tang dynasty”, the ancient style buildings bring us to the old days.We also visited the Emperor Qinshihuang’ Mausoleum Site Museum, the underground palace of Qin Dynasty. The Terracotta Warrior pits are amazing, we even touched the ancient refractory bricks made in Qin Dynasty, amazing ...

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2023-05-17 14:58:57

Functional refractory materials

Functional refractory materials generally refer to refractory materials for steel continuous casting, including ladle slide gate refractories, ladle shroud, monoblock stopper, tundish metering nozzle, quick-replacement nozzle, Submerged Entry nozzle etc.Functional refractory materials are very important materials for steel continuous casting, they ...

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2023-04-19 15:31:31

Long Keter is verified as reliable supplier by Intertek

On 7th March, Long Keter is verified by international third inspection company Intertek as reliable supplier.The inspector from Intertek inspect the complete production line, equipment, warehouse, technical supporting team, international trading department office, our financial database etc.,and verified Long Keter as reliable supplier. Beside...

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2023-03-22 15:31:19

Pray for those who suffer from earthquake

On 6th Feb., M7.8 earthquake attacked occurred in Turkey and Syria, followed with serious aftershocks. The latest death toll from Monday’s catastrophic earthquake has passed 7,800, with 5894 people in Turkey and 1932 people in Syria.We feel deeply sad to this tragedy.On 7th , 1st batch of the Chinese Disaster Relief team had left for Turkey, with 8...

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2023-02-08 16:49:31

Happy Holidays

Due to Chinese New Year holidays, we will close on 20th Jan.2023(Friday) and will resume business on 28th Jan. 2023 (Saturday). If anything urgent, please contact us by online service or email, we will reply as soon as possible.Long Keter is always dedicated to supply high temperature industrial solutions, and aim to make Engergy Efficiency si...

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2023-01-17 10:52:14

Long Keter wish you and your families the best

Long Keter wish all our customers and partners a Merry Christmas and a happy, fruitful New Year! We thank you for great cooperations with you and Look forward to further more  happy time in 2023!

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2022-12-22 09:46:18

What should we do regarding to the longer the setting time of refractory castable under low temperature

With the development of unshaped refractory castable,castable is more and more widely used in the lining of heating furnaces, especially low cement self-flow castableThrough reasonable selection of raw materials and particle size grading, with application of  micro grade powder and high-efficiency dispersants, low cement self-flow castable is ...

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2022-11-28 16:53:36

How do refractory companies survive under bad economic situation

Since beginning of 2022, because of pandemic and complicated international situation,economic development is badly influenced. Refractories market is also effected.Refractory materials are mainly used as linings of high temperature furnaces and kilns in Iron & Steel industry, cement industry, glass industry, ceramic industry, non-ferrous indust...

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2022-10-21 15:50:52

Lend a hand to Pakistan Flood Affectees!

In recent months, because of extreme heavy rains, most part of Pakistan is covered by sever floods. Around 33 million people, including approximately 16 million children, have been affected by this year’s heavy monsoon rains in Pakistan. Some major rivers have breached their banks and dams have overflowed, destroying homes, farms and critical ...

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2022-09-16 09:28:03

How do we react to continuous impact of the pandemic?

Since the pandemic, civils’ consumer attitudes are influenced, world economy becomes negative. Early in April, war between Russia and Ukraine deepened this impact.For the steel plants, results are serious. Steel mills close or cut production capacity. There are multiply reasons for different zones.Firstly, gas prices soar in United Stats and Europe...

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2022-08-03 09:25:44

ISO verification team visit Long Keter

On 20th July, ISO verification team visit Long Keter, and do inspection to present system strictly.The team is from International Standard Verification Organization, Zibo Branch. They do strict inspection to Long Keter’s running environment, running situation, quality inspection system, management system and confirmed situation of staff health.&nbs...

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2022-07-22 17:23:36

China Railway Express helps refractories transportation to Europe

Since the Fed's multiple interest rate hikes, currencies in many countries continued to decline, and inflation became apparent. At the same time, various reasons such as the epidemic , the Russian-Ukrainian war etc. increase unstable factors. To make up, most of customers have advanced their procurement plans. Since April orders for refractory mate...

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2022-07-01 08:30:53

How does zero-COVID policy influence refractory imports and exports?

Since beginning of April, because of outbreak of COVID-19 in Shanghai City, there are several influences to refractory imports and exports. Among that, 5 factors are most obvious.1.Rise of freight cost: Strict zero-COVID policy limits the trucks and drivers seriously. eg. Freight cost for dense refractory rise at least 50% per ton because of trucks...

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2022-05-24 09:32:22

Tundish nozzle 2.0

Tundish nozzle is key thermal equipment during the steel continuous casting process.Generally tundish nozzles include tundish metering nozzles, quick exchangeable nozzles etc. When compared to lining refractories, request to materials of tundish nozzles are more strict, as tundish nozzles are crushed and eroded by molten steel continuously under hi...

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2022-04-22 13:32:40

About slide gate set for ladles and tundish

Slide gate set as important refractory materials for steel smelting furnaces , plays key role in whole steel smelting processRecently, to get comprehensive and systematic understanding of slide gate set, so as to help offering best industrial solutions to clients, we proceed an official training of such products. Regarding to the development, the p...

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2022-03-25 11:51:22

Avoid steel clogging between tundish nozzles

Stability of tundish is important factor of stable and qualified steel production, result to pursuit of service life improvement.Among the reasons which cause short service life of tundish, steel clogging between exchangeable nozzles becomes common limitation.The original reason of steel clogging between nozzles is extra large cracks between plates...

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2022-01-28 11:14:52

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

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2021-12-22 11:33:48

The 21st International Ceramics Expo is held in Zibo

The 21st International Ceramics Expo was grandly opened in Zibo Exhibition Center. As an heavy industry city with long history, Zibo has always had refractory materials, glass and ceramics as its three most important pillar industries.The inorganic non-metallic materials industry, also known as the silicate industry, mainly includes industries such...

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2021-12-02 09:04:49

Impact of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality policy on the refractory industry

On October 24, the state issued a blockbuster document on carbon peaking and carbon neutrality. The main objectives include:In 2025, carbon dioxide emissions per unit of GDP will drop by 18% compared to 2020, and the proportion of non-fossil energy consumption will reach 20%.In 2030, carbon dioxide emissions per unit of GDP will drop by more than 6...

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2021-10-29 16:51:58

Policy "Dual control of energy consumption" influence refractory market

In the golden September, finally we got the good news that sea freight cost stop rising.Meanwhile, policy of power curbs and cuts of factory production from government are much more strict.Because of stable air pressure and coal fired heating supplying from November to next February, pollution problem become more serious. It gets common to make cut...

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2021-09-28 16:27:34

Notice of National Day holidays


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2021-09-28 16:05:57

Mid-Autumn Festival Holiday Notice


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2021-09-15 17:30:37

The impact of rising sea freight and deteriorating sea transportation situation on refractory industry

Highly rising transportation charges and shortage of containers bring serious affect on the refractory industry. Due to the shortage of containers, timely sailing rate is lower,result to delay of shipping date. Much higher sea freight cost leads to the postponement or quantity reduction of orders.Meanwhile,crisis are always with opportuni...

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2021-09-10 13:32:37

Alibaba Live

Recently, we start to live show in Alibaba. Before the live show, we will put the live show room’s enter link on our company’s Linkedin home page-Zibo Long Keter New Materials Co.,Ltd . kindly pay attention to our live notice on linkedin.&n...

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2021-08-10 10:08:40


Recently rainstorm hit zhengzhou city,Henan province. To fight the flood, a strong unity of the Chinese people concerted efforts of one mind. Our company, Zibo Long Keter New Materials Co.,Ltd also contributed its own strength.There's no love lost in the flood.We belive that together we will soon achieve great victory in the fight against flood!

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2021-07-23 16:47:21

Cement kiln system solutions

Recently, we  make a cement kiln system solution for the problems in the application of cement kilns. It effectively solves the problems in the application of the cement kiln preheater,CYCLONE PREHEATER/SMOKE CHAMBER/RISER DUCT/FEED RAMP;CEMENT ROTARY KILN;TERTIARY AIR DUCT,BURNER PIPE;KILN HOOD AND COOLER ect.  As a professional sys...

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2021-06-29 13:49:20

Upgrade the technology of Tundish Metering Nozzle Production

Recently, we did a free upgrade of Tundish Metering Nozzle for our customers.Pervious the Tundish Metering Nozzle made according to the customer's drawings and there was an edge(as picture 1) at the joint of the zirconia insert and the outer, which caused the liquid steel to not flow smoothly .In order to help the cust...

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2021-05-27 16:17:20

Congratulations! Long Keter becoming a member of Alibaba’s Verified Supplier.

Last month,we successfully passed the AlibabaVerified Supplier Certification and become a member of Alibaba Verified Supplier.Verified Supplier members are high-quality suppliers that have been verified by the authority of the Alibaba platform.Through the combination of online and offline,the platform verifies and transmits the full strength of the...

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2021-04-07 13:05:47

Chinese Spring Festival

Dear customers,From Feb 10th to Feb 18th, we will celebrate the Chinese Spring Festival during this period.Sorry for anything inconvenient to you and please feel free to contact us if you have something urgent to get answer. We'd like to take this opportunity of wishing you, your family, collea...

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2021-02-10 10:00:03


New Year  is coming near once again.We would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for your business and support over the years.We also would like to wish you and your loved&nb...

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2020-12-31 18:25:29

New Series of SLIDE GATE REFRACTORIES Series Products

Recently,we added new series of SLIDE GATE REFRACTORIES products in order to provide our customers with a more comprehensive range of products and services,which include LADLE SLIDE PLATE,TUNDISH SLIDE PLATE,LADLE UPPER NOZZLE,COLLECTOR NOZZLE,WELL BLOCKS&POROUS PLUGS,TUNDISH...

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2020-12-01 15:12:07

Successfully Passed ISO Quality, Environment and Safety Certification Audit

In the past month, through the efforts and cooperation of all the staff of the company, we have completed the audit of ISO quality system certification and passed the CERTIFICATION of ISO environment and quality safety. After the re-testing of the certification body, our company produced refractory products(Zirconia Refractories,Alumina Bricks...

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2020-10-16 14:29:07

New Achievement of CNM Nozzle

In respond to higher standard requirement to our Turkish customer.Our product engineers are working hard in past few weeks in order to get better finishing of CNM co-mould nozzle .Up to today,we are proud to say that the result are beyond customer’s expectation.The technical achievements include: *Getting a evenness surface...

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2020-07-31 16:56:56

New developed Composite MNC Nozzle

A new developed COMPOSITE MNC NOZZLE, suitable for MNC mechanism pioneered by RHI, was trial-sucessed in our Tundish Nozzle plant.It is a composite nozzle by pressing the outer directly around the inserts,without use of mortar jointing,provides a reliable performance with no risk of steel leakage between inserts and outer block. LONGKETER specializ...

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2020-06-19 17:41:19

Production Ability of Zirconia Tundish Nozzle Insert Improved Again

This year we have replaced the semi-automatic die pressing machine with a fully automatic die pressing machine.The whole process from feeding to mold forming is fully automatic no worker needed.The fully automatic die pressing machine is pressure uniform so the products has higher quality and better appearance. It makes us more productive and save ...

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2020-06-02 16:17:00

All Processing Returns to Normal!

All processing returns to normal.Sincerely welcome friends from all walks of life, to negotiate business, to guide, to keep pace with the time, harmonious win-win.!

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2020-05-15 18:26:48

Spring Team Building

The wind is warm, spring is in the air. With the coronavirus gone in China, everything returned to normal. Through the virtue of the thick spring, our company organized a spring team building on 6th April . Farewell to the hustle and bustle of the city, there is no work pressure. Team spirit and laughter are closely around us. And this&nb...

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2020-04-10 15:49:47

Guidelines of Coronavirus Prevention

The global Coronavirus’ situation exceeded our expectations. We remain best wishes with you, your family, co workers and friends,wish you all the best!Proper precautions can protect us from the Coronvirus. A good way can get twice the result with half the effort.We enclose a guidebooks for Coronavirus prevention in the hope that it can take you som...

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2020-03-27 14:27:31

We Get Great Success On METAL EXPO'2019 in Moscow

In this exhibition, we have fully demonstrated the superiority of our products in high quality with competitive price, and have been favored by many customers, some of whom even signed an purchase order on the spot.We insist on quality first, customer first, good service, the purpose of the times, with high quality products and comprehensive servic...

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2019-11-15 15:07:45

Welcome To Visiting Our Exhibition On METAL EXPO'2019 in Moscow

In this exhibition,we will focus on below items:--Tundish Nozzle--Alumina Bricks--Magnesite Bricks--Ceramic Fiber&Insulating Fire Bricks--Tabular Alumina,Bauxite,DBM&FMThanks for your attention.If you wish to arrange a meeting with us,please feel free to contact us.Our contact

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2019-10-12 15:25:45

We Get A Great Success On METEC

In this fair, we have fully demonstrated the superiority of our products in high quality with competitive price, and have been favored by many customers, some of whom even signed an purchase order on the spot. In the Next, we will also attend as many exhibitions as possible to let more customers know our products and advantages. We also look forwa...

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2019-10-07 10:07:04

Now We Moved Into The CBD Of New Business City Area

In order to integrate the superior resources, we set up a new professional Foreign Trade Office in the CBD of our city to provide high-quality service for customers. Please pay attention to the change of our office address and welcome to visit.

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2019-08-08 10:08:23

Welcome To Visiting Our Exhibition On METEC

Hi, Dear Sir or Madam Long Keter New Materials will be exhibiting at METEC Dusseldorf Germany started from 25th to 29th. You are warmly welcome to visit us at Booth G05 Hall 03. If you wish to arrange a meeting with us, please feel free to contact us

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2019-06-25 10:04:41