New Achievement of CNM Nozzle

2020-07-31 16:56:56

In respond to higher standard requirement to our Turkish customer.Our product engineers are working hard in past few weeks in order to get better finishing of CNM co-mould nozzle .undefined

Up to today,we are proud to say that the result are beyond customer’s expectation.The technical achievements include: 

*Getting a evenness surface,make good joint between Zirconia Inserts and Outer Block through modifying mold 

*Increase strength of Outer Block through upgrade bonding agent of castable. 

*Making better mortar lock to strength the adhesive force between Zirconia Inserts and Outer BlockundefinedundefinedCNM NOZZLE,as well as known as a major quick nozzle changing system worldwide which are pioneered by SMS Concast Group.Long Keter has developed a rang series of Tundish Metering Nozzle suitable for most of major nozzle system changer mechanism including: 

Concast - CNM

Danieli - FNC

Interstop - MNC

Krosaki OTNC

Vesuvius CNC/SYS120