Policy "Dual control of energy consumption" influence refractory market

2021-09-28 16:27:34

In the golden September, finally we got the good news that sea freight cost stop rising.

Meanwhile, policy of power curbs and cuts of factory production from government are much more strict.

Because of stable air pressure and coal fired heating supplying from November to next February, pollution problem become more serious. It gets common to make cuts of production in Winter every year. However, due to issues of coal shortage and cut carbon emissions, all factories around the mainland are requested to carry out “power curbs policy”. Since 16th September,some companies are forced to “run for 3 days stop 4 days per week” or even “run for 1 stop 6 per week”, production capacity are largely decreased into one third or lower, delivery time is longer and some orders are rejected. 

Production of refractory raw materials consume large quantity electric power. Due to the government policy, raw materials are in large shortage,and price is rising highly. Price validity is 1-3 days and some raw materials price rise 100-200%.

We are positive to local government policy. During this time,we will strict our production management and inspection system, strengthen professional maintenance of equipment, to offer better solutions to our clients. Meanwhile, we hope all the clients to schedule your purchasing plan reasonably, so as to inform us in time and assure your orders to proceed smoothly.undefined