The 21st International Ceramics Expo is held in Zibo

2021-12-02 09:04:49

The 21st International Ceramics Expo was grandly opened in Zibo Exhibition Center. As an heavy industry city with long history, Zibo has always had refractory materials, glass and ceramics as its three most important pillar industries.

The inorganic non-metallic materials industry, also known as the silicate industry, mainly includes industries such as refractory materials, ceramics, glass and concrete industries. The strong industrial foundation and continuous technological innovation have given Zibo's silicate industry a lasting development momentum!

The vigorous development of Zibo's refractory industry depends on its abundant raw material output, especially flint clay, fire clay, kaolin and other raw materials. Zibo's flint clay materials have always been world-renowned for quality assurance.

Zibo’s porcelain culture is well-known in domestic and abroad. As a thousand-year-old porcelain capital with a long history of ceramics, Zibo City has made the Ceramic Expo a cultural event. At the same time, this artistic festival is showing the ceramic products in all directions, the novel design, superb skills, strong cultural heritage and high-end taste etc.

Based on the advantages of Zibo refractory base, Zibo Longketer has been covering main series products including tundish nozzles, refractory raw materials series, alumina bricks, basic bricks, refractory anchors, refractory cement,monolithic refractories, insulation materials etc. for more than ten years. With strong production capacity and stable supply, delivery is assured. With strict quality control system,quality is high and stable; We are also pride of our professional technical and service team. Keeping the concept “Make energy efficiency simpler” in mind,we are looking forward to cooperating with customers all over the world! 

With stable developing surroundings, support from government and clients in domestic & abroad , we believe silicate industry including Long Keter New Materials will develop better and better!