About slide gate set for ladles and tundish

2022-03-25 11:51:22

Slide gate set as important refractory materials for steel smelting furnaces , plays key role in whole steel smelting process

Recently, to get comprehensive and systematic understanding of slide gate set, so as to help offering best industrial solutions to clients, we proceed an official training of such products. Regarding to the development, the producing process, the key technical factors, factors which influence service life etc., we invited superior engineer Professor. Han to explain all details.

Slide gate set generally refers to whole set refractories from ladle to tundish during steel casting, including upper nozzle, upper slide gate plate, lower slide gate plate, lower nozzle/collector nozzle. Upper nozzle is fixed into well block at bottom of ladle, and lower nozzle is connected to ladle shroud. In this way ,molten steel is protective cast from ladle to tundish.

In 1990s, material for slide gate set is generally corundum; To improve the thermal shock resistance and help too operate smoothly, graphite is applied into the material, with Phenolic Resin as binding agent. With development of steel grade, request to slide gate set is also higher. To improve strength of the product, zirconia is added. Up to now, alumina-carbon type and alumina-zirconia-carbon types are most widely used. For some large capacity ladles over 200 tons, large fired alumina-carbon slide gate set are applied. Besides, spinel types and magnesia types are also used by some companies specially.

Slide gate set is consumption materials, service life for slide gate plates and lower nozzles are generally 1-4 heats; service life of upper nozzles is higher, it’s replaced together with seating blocks and purging plug. Besides the quality of the products, operation conditions also influence service life a lot,including : steel grade, refining slag, smelting time, tapping temperature, ladle capacity, tapping speed/rate, operation of slide gate supportive mechanism, experienced worker or not etc.

Long Keter supply wide range slide gate set, and could adjust to mechanism including Daniel,   CONCAST, Vesuvius, Krosaki etc., with brand HO, 1 QC,2QC, 4200, 6300 etc.

Long Keter always dedicate to be the top rank solution and products supplier for molten steel control refractories!