How does zero-COVID policy influence refractory imports and exports?

2022-05-24 09:32:22

Since beginning of April, because of outbreak of COVID-19 in Shanghai City, there are several influences to refractory imports and exports. Among that, 5 factors are most obvious.

1.Rise of freight cost: Strict zero-COVID policy limits the trucks and drivers seriously. eg. Freight cost for dense refractory rise at least 50% per ton because of trucks and drivers shortage.

2.Longer delivery time: Production capacity decrease because of lockdown.

3.Third party inspection: Travelling is limited, inspectors could not do field inspection.

4.Congestion in China ports: Lockdown in Shanghai port result to China port congestion, so most vessels are put off in April and May. Port congestion problem is being solved gradually since lockdown ends in Shanghai Port. 

5.Payment term: Shanghai is an important international gateway of imports and exports. Banks doesn’t work during lockdown, documents for L/C and CAD could not be transmitted smoothly. 

Now, most of the refractory production lines start rolling again recently, situations above are getting to be solved gradually. 

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