China Railway Express helps refractories transportation to Europe

2022-07-01 08:30:53

Since the Fed's multiple interest rate hikes, currencies in many countries continued to decline, and inflation became apparent. At the same time, various reasons such as the epidemic , the Russian-Ukrainian war etc. increase unstable factors. To make up, most of customers have advanced their procurement plans. Since April orders for refractory materials and related raw materials rose explosively, causing a large shortage of raw materials in the market, and factories were producing at full capacity to meet customer needs.

Result to shipping, freight rates began to rise since late May, and in late June, it is even more difficult to book vessels. Meanwhile, advantages of Railway Express have gradually emerged. Recently, Long Keter dispatched a batch of high-quality refractory cement (Vical 71, which can replace Secar 71) to Eastern Europe, shipping time was shortened from 45 days by sea to 15 days by train, which solved the customer's problem of delivery time.

In the 12 years since the Railway Express started, 34 cities stations have been involved in China, leading to 185 cities in 23 European countries including Poland, Germany, Russia, Ukraine etc.. China's refractory materials have also been more and more widely recognized.

To cope with the unexpected controlling policies like pollution control , power shortage and epidemic quarantine in Winter , Long KETER is also increasing the inventory while producing and supplying at full capacity to meet the needs of customers. 

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