ISO verification team visit Long Keter

2022-07-22 17:23:36

On 20th July, ISO verification team visit Long Keter, and do inspection to present system strictly.

The team is from International Standard Verification Organization, Zibo Branch. They do strict inspection to Long Keter’s running environment, running situation, quality inspection system, management system and confirmed situation of staff health. 

It takes about 8 hrs from 8:30 am. to 16:30 p.m. After checking all details, ISO team give high comments to Long Keter, and bring best wishes to Long Keter’s bright future.

At the ending, ISO team guide Long Keter to delivery qualified documents to headquarter and estimated that new verified ISO certificates will be issued within one week. 

Thanks to support from our clients Long Keter is running in healthy situation and will make more progress continuously!