Pray for those who suffer from earthquake

2023-02-08 16:49:31

On 6th Feb., M7.8 earthquake attacked occurred in Turkey and Syria, followed with serious aftershocks. The latest death toll from Monday’s catastrophic earthquake has passed 7,800, with 5894 people in Turkey and 1932 people in Syria.We feel deeply sad to this tragedy.

On 7th , 1st batch of the Chinese Disaster Relief team had left for Turkey, with 8 experienced professors, bring with advanced Radar life finder, demolition equipment and a search & rescue dog. Today on 8th, the 2nd batch of the Chinese Disaster Relief team,consist with 82 professional search & rescue team members. With the advanced search and rescue technology, the team will carry out rescue activities for the suffered people on the site where earthquake occurred.

We pray that the rescue team will help to rescue the suffered people as more as possible. Long Keter is with all the people around the whole world, pray for the suffered Turkey and Syria people. We believe the heroic people of Turkey and Syria will eventually overcome difficulties, get out of the predicament and win the battle!