Functional refractory materials

2023-04-19 15:31:31

Functional refractory materials generally refer to refractory materials for steel continuous casting, including ladle slide gate refractories, ladle shroud, monoblock stopper, tundish metering nozzle, quick-replacement nozzle, Submerged Entry nozzle etc.

Functional refractory materials are very important materials for steel continuous casting, they are important parts to control molten steel casting rate. Due to sever application conditions include high temperature, complicated steel grades, different slag contents, sharp temperature change etc. , quality request to the refractories is high. The functional refractories protect the molten steel from being secondary oxidized, so as to get high purity steel.

Ladle shroud between ladle and tundish is part of functional refractories.It is also call long nozzle or protect nozzle. Materials for ladle shroud is generally silica or Alumina-carbon type ,and replaced by automatic or manually mechanism.  Recently we dispatch large quantity ladle shrouds to Middle Asia.

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