New Arrivals: Microporous insulation board

2023-08-11 17:23:50

Microporous insulation board is a new type insulation material made from silica micro powder with diameter tens of Nanometers, special additives and ceramic fiber are also used to result certain physical and chemical reactions of the board. Large quantity nanoscale micropores are included inside the boards, help the microporous board to be excellent insulation material. The microporous insulation board is also called microporous insulation board,super insulation board, nano microporous insulation material etc.

Microporous insulation board is single-layer composite structure formed by continuous coating and composite pressing process, and its thermal conductivity is even lower than that of stable air, and the thermal insulation performance is about 2.5 to 5 times better than that of traditional thermal insulation materials. It is the best thermal insulation material so far,so as to save much more energy compared to traditional insulation materials.


1.Very low thermal conductivity, thermal insulation performance is 2-10 times compared to traditional insulation materials.

2.Thermal conductivity doesn’t increase much when temperature rises

3.Max service temperature could reach 1100℃

4.A1 non-fire materials with low linear change and long service life

5.Environmental-friendly, no smoke or harmful smell when heating; Safe to skin.

Main application: 

Iron & Steel industry: Steel ladle, tundish, torpedo, converter, furnace door & roof, engine heat shield, power battery fire & heat insulation;

Aluminum industry: aluminum melting furnace, aluminum electrolytic cell, aluminum holding furnace;

Industrial kiln: roller kiln, tunnel kiln, pit furnace, lithium electric kiln, rotary kiln;

Petrochemical: heat treatment furnace, cracking furnace;

Cement industry: decomposition furnace, grate cooler, tertiary air duct, flue gas chamber, etc.

Now Long Keter New Materials Co.,Ltd. is supplying three types microporous insulation boards, include LKT950, LKT 1000,LKT1200; Package for boards include bare boards in cartons, POF heat shrinkage film coated, Aluminum foil coated, glass fiber cloth coated etc., to meet different demands.

Long Keter is always dedicated to refractories, and engaged in making us a better world with refractory materials!