New Arrivals: Atomizing nozzle with bore size reach to 2.5 mm

2023-09-21 17:32:53

In recent years, with the widespread use of metal powders, the technical requirements for the production and manufacturing of multi-metal powders such as copper powder, stainless steel powder, iron powder, nickel alloy powder, etc. have become increasingly higher.

Gas atomization powdering technology is usually used in powder metallurgy production. Gas atomization powdering refers to using high-speed airflow to break up the liquid metal flow to form small droplets, which are then rapidly condensed to obtain shaped powder. Gas atomization technology has become a more important method for preparing fine spherical metal and alloy powders. There are many types of metal powders that can be produced using the atomization method. Except refractory metals such as tungsten and molybdenum and very active metals, almost all other common metal powders and alloy systems are included. High-density zirconium atomizing nozzles play an important role in gas atomization powder metallurgy.

The zirconia atomizing nozzle uses mainly magnesia stabilized zirconia as raw material. It has excellent thermal shock resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, and high strength. It can resist the erosion of high-temperature metal solutions and high-intensity erosion, meanwhile maintain structural stability. At the same time, the zirconia material is stable and does not easily react chemically with the metal solution so as to avoid contamination of metal powder products. Zirconia material has good thermal shock stability, and during production, Long Keter adjusts the porosity of the zirconia nozzle and appropriately changes its thermal conductivity to avoid nozzle cracking and increase the service life of the product.

Most of the special-shaped atomization nozzles currently on the market have apertures above 5mm, and the internal hole structures are mostly vertical and tapered patterns, which are easy to block, and the product particle size of that is large. After design and development, Long Keter adjusted the product formula, optimized the internal shape design of the nozzle, improved inner smoothness, reduced the nozzles bore size, etc., and adopted special steel molds, isostatic pressing, high-precision lathe processing, etc., and the newly launched atomization efficiency is higher. The product has a higher fine powder rate, meanwhile enabling an atomization nozzle for preparing ultra-fine metal powders.

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