Team Building of Sales Team LONG KETER

2024-04-30 14:56:58

Confucius said: “the knowledgeable love waters, the benevolent love mountains.” This weekend, sales team Long Keter passed two days in Sanshuiyuan (the birthplace of three rivers: Zi river, Yi river and Wen river), a national scenic spot with amazing mountain view, falls and lakes, to feel the nature and clear the soul. 

On the road to Sanshuiyuan, we also visited Qingshi Pass,a historical site of Qi Great Wall, it has a dangerous terrain and is known as the "first Pass of Qilu". 

Hiking, fishing, wild vegetable picking, barbecue party by the lakeside... a wonderful time full of joy and laughter. 

These team building activities make us more connected and able to collaborate more effectively. Sales team Long Keter is ready to offer our best service to you!